Meet our experts

Jessica Ennis-Hill

Founder and CEO

Jess Ennis-Hill is an athlete turned women’s-health ambassador, who is working hard to create a last legacy in the field hormonal health.

As one of Britain’s most successful athletes, she is best remembered for her iconic performance and gold medal at the London 2012 games. Watch the footage - we defy you not to get goosebumps.

Her mission with her innovative Jennis platform is to close the gender gap, tackle taboos and to help women live happier and healthier by providing expert lifestyle interventions (exercise, nutrition, de-stress techniques) that are proven to reduce symptoms and get results.

Laura Clark

Clinical Dietitian

Laura is a registered Dietitian who specialises in helping women understand the behavioural and hormonal background to what we eat. She also has a focus in supporting perimenopausal women.

Her approach is to bring together nutritional science, diet therapy, behavioural therapy and compassion to get to the heart of what you need across every lifestage.

Dr. Emma Ross


Dr Emma Ross led a campaign in the run-up to the Rio Olympics to help female athletes tap into the power of their hormones.

As part of her work with Jennis, she helps us translate scientific studies and physiological expertise into an accessible product women in both reproductive and perimenopausal lifestages can benefit from.

Baz Moffat

Perimenopause Fitness Expert

A former elite rower and medallist with GB Rowing, Baz Moffat is a health and fitness coach who’s laser focused on providing women’s fitness that’s made for our bodies.

With a speciality in pelvic floor health, perimenopause and stress management, she advises Jennis on the physical fitness attributes of the Jennis programme.

Bella Smith


Bella is a GP with 20 years experience, who is passionate about giving women the body literacy and confidence to be ambassadors of their own health.

She advises us on the medical and mental health issues we can help our women with and is also trained in helping perimenopausal women.

Lina Nielsen

Yoga Ambassator

Lina Nielsen is a qualified yoga teacher and 400m track athlete, who is a passionate advocate of yoga for holistic fitness.

She has designed her Jennis yoga sessions to appeal to both seasoned yogis and flexibility seekers.

Georgie Lawlor

Breathwork Ambassator

Georgie Lawlor is a master breathwork coach who uses breathing techniques to improve your mental, physical and emotional health.

The sessions she’s created for the Jennis platform improve the top symptoms our community are logging, which is why you’ll find breathwork for poor sleep, irritation, tiredness, anxiety and many more.

Shelley Rudman

Strength Coach

Shelley Rudman is a trained PT who works with women to improve strength and reduce symptoms.

Focusing on strength, form, stability, mobility and motivation, Shelley learned her craft while training professionally - and has an Olympic silver, amongst many other accolades.

Her passion is in supporting women in perimenopause with essential strength-training confidence.

Nicky Keay

Hormone expert and lecturer

Dr Nicky Keay, endocrinologist and author of Hormones, Health And Human Potential, is a leading expert on women’s hormones.

She helps the Jennis team distil the science into actionable lifestyle interventions and advice we can all benefit from, and is laser-focused on supporting women during perimenopause and beyond.

Anna Allerton

Perimenopause Workplace Coach

Anna is an executive coach who specialises in supporting women to maintain their careers and confidence during perimenopause.

Within the Jennis platform, she gives advice on managing symptoms in the workplace, she provides strategies for performing at the same level and gives guidance on constructive conversations about your perimenopause experience.