About Jennis

Jennis is a women’s hormonal health platform built by Olympic gold medallist, Jess Ennis-Hill. Through our celebrated education platform, we give millions of women the hormone intelligence and tools to improve their health and body literacy at every lifestage.

Jess’s vision is to create a world where women have complete understanding of the power of their hormones and use that knowledge to make the best health and wellness decisions every single day. Starting with Hormonal Health and Perimenopause, we've already changed the lives of millions of women.

created by JESS ENNIS-HILL

My athletics story

Most people know the story of Super Saturday. With a packed Olympic stadium and the whole country willing her on, Jess Ennis-Hill achieved her life-long dream of becoming Olympic heptathlon champion. In front of her home crowd, she took an iconic gold medal with a new personal best score of 6955 points and made history.

It was during her career in athletics and, particularly post pregnancy, that Jess became keenly aware of the power of her hormones to affect her performance, recovery, moods and motivation.

After she retired, she started digging deeper into the hormone knowledge that could make a massive difference to a woman’s health, performance, moods, resilience and more.

Rather than keeping it in elite circles, Jess launched Jennis to make hormone health and optimisation easy to access and even easier to apply.

Our programmes

Hormonal heath education

A collection of accessible expert courses on symptom reduction, hormones and productivity, the 4 menstrual phases and more.

Perimenopause education

Choose a course to suit your business and goal: Perimenopause and the workplace, symptom reduction, constructive conversations and more.

Choose a course to suit your business and goal: Perimenopause in the workplace; symptom reduction; constructive conversations and more.

Hormonal health education

Accessible expert courses on: symptom reduction; hormones and productivity; the 4 menstrual cycle phases and more.